My only regret about the JCC Maccabi games is that we didn't know about it sooner. Since this was our daughter's second, and last year participating, my husband and I decided to attend for a few days. The energy at the opening ceremony was overwhelming; it was truly uplifting to see all these kids, coaches, parents, host families, volunteers and organizers come together as part of the global Jewish community.

Naomi Schacter

Our family has had a long standing involvement with JCC Chai Sports. We love sports and we wished for our kids to be in a great environment to develop and have fun. We have been impressed by the mentoring given to young players by Chai's solid instructors. They are a generous and caring organization who have given our kids a lifetime of sports memories and friendships.

Ron and Liana Sandberg

JCC Chai Sports is an excellent organization. It offers the participants the perfect balance of fun, exercise, and competition. Each year we look forward to the famous Kiddish Cup! Being Sabbath observant, this organization has allowed our son an opportunity to play in organized house league and select hockey. Furthermore to my knowledge this is the only organization where players from all denominations are together on the same team and socialize in and outside the rink. No question this is the best part of the league. As a manager of one of the Beast teams it has been my observation that the staff are very supportive  and always receptive to listening to our concerns. We look forward to another amazing season!

Allan Kagal